Lab-N-Doodle Kennels provides all indoor facilities for your pet’s comfort. There are fourteen separate runs for the dogs and two private suites available for your pet’s comfort with privacy from other dogs.  There is a TV is this area for their entertainment/comfort and to assist with any separation anxiety while you are away. All dogs are let out to run/play and do their business at least 4 times per day.  Proof of vaccinations as well as the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination is required. Lab-N-Doodle Kennels wants to keep all pets at the facility safe.


$25.00 per night per pet

$50.00 per night for private suite

$25.00 for each additional pet in suite

Lab-N-Doodle Kennels also provides a pickup and drop off service.  We will assist if you need this service due to time constraints or other reasons that may arise. Most kennels do not offer this service, but we are trying to accommodate customers and be the kennel that is a step above the rest. 


$30.00    up to 30 miles     Pickup or Delivery

$50.00    over 30 miles      Pickup and Delivery

Medications can be given at no additional expense.

Baths and grooming can also be provided.  Ask for quote.